10 Best Online Graphic Design Tools
10 Best Online Graphic Design Tools

E-Learning: Here are the Top 10 Graphic Design Courses Online

The entire world is shifting to a more digital space.

In today’s age, every aspect of our life has some form of digital presence.

This has made the art of illustration an extremely integral part of today’s business dynamics.

Expertise in the digital field is highly valued and essentially sought after by companies.

It has become an everyday challenge for the world to stay competitive and on top of their game in the digital arena.

This is a technical skill that does not require curious learners to major in Graphic Design if their interests lie within this highly demanding digital art.

In order to pursue a career in Graphic Design or to self-learn about it, people can opt for focused courses that specifically target the areas of graphics that the candidates feel the need to learn more on.

There is a versatile range of courses available in many schools all the around world that facilitates a diverse range of topics for technical skill-seekers.

However, the factor that makes the prospect of a flourishing career with just a few months of technical training the most appealing is the fact, that, there are a number of them available online.

One can learn about the areas of graphics they are interested in, or in need of to work better from home, school, or wherever at ease.

Even though online courses are now a widely available prospect, it is essential to validate the quality of these courses as well.

Some of such courses are listed below that has stood supreme to its competitors in the vast space of the internet.


1. Udemy: Introduction to Graphic Design


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Udemy Logo Design


Udemy has earned the trust of numerous consumers through its rating-based approach to teaching.

It can be deemed as a competitive digital classroom with the widest range of topics.

The system that has been incorporated by Udemy features video-based lectures prepared by independent educators.

The videos are priced according to the quality of the contracted lecturer, the length of the lecture, the topics and essentially the field.

Speaking of which, while the prices on Udemy are generally pretty fair, occasionally you can get an even better price with the right Udemy promo code, which sometimes gives you as much as 90% off for your desired course – so make sure you keep an eye out for one of those!

However, they also offer free graphic design courses.

The site gives out sales and deals on specific lectures to keep the consumers engaged.

As for Graphics – The Introduction to Graphic Design is a well-rated program because of its vital and informative approach to the new learners.

From the history of communication to the principles of design, the course ensures a smooth transition for students for further, more specifically narrowed down, graphic design courses.


2. Alison Online


Alison Online Courses


Free certification does not get better than Alison Online .

They ensure a valid addition to anyone’s resume once a course is undertaken by the person.

Their authorised certification gives students a feeling of accomplishment and validity, not only within themselves but also among potential recruiters.

Widely speaking, Alison offers generic courses on Graphic Design such as Visual & Graphic Skills and Design Principles.

They also offer more narrowed down topics for students interested in the further continuation of their training in graphic designing – Photoshop Essential C6 Tools.


3. Coursera


Coursera Online Courses


Coursera focuses on providing access to interested learners to the world’s best educators.

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Top instructors from the world’s most renowned and accredited universities and educational institutions have pre-recorded video-based lectures on a wide range of topics.

Its auto-grading and peer-reviewed assignments, along with interactive discussion programs make it a very wholesome experience for the learners.

They are also awarded electronic course certificates at the end of each course.

If the intention is to learn solely, Coursera offers materials without charging a single penny.

The certificate, however, requires the consumers to pay for the course.


4. ADMEC Multimedia Institute


Visual Design Basics Course


ADMEC offers both diploma and certificate graphic design courses to the fellow learners.

The online version of the institute is identical to the real program, regarding content and real-time learning.

There are no pre-recorded materials in ADMEC.

Students get to attend live-sessions with the mentors, thus obtaining an opportunity to interact and learn.

The diploma courses span from around 6 to 8 months.

The certificate courses, however, covers the broadest range of topics and can be wrapped up within 2 to 4 months.


5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Best Online Design Courses


Due to having online open courseware; MIT stands to be one of the most trusted resources for graphic design students .

They provide a free database of courses prepared by professional teachers and course-writers.

Even though the extensions of the field may sometimes appear to be overarching, such as Web-Coding, the source is still appreciated as of form of education.


6. Envato Tuts+ Illustration & Graphic Design Courses


Envato Tuts Courses


This website is wholly concentrated on graphic design courses.

Regarding content, this can be deemed as one of the most intensive and comprehensive sites that cover almost everything one may need to know about Graphic Design .

The gamut of topics includes Illustrator , Rhino, Photoshop, Cinema 4D and many more.

The database is exceptionally elaborate with its diversity of topics.

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It has over 990 courses installed within the system.

This is a trusted resource that is likely to provide the solution to any problem a graphic designer may find themselves with.


7. Skilledup


Skilledup Design Courses


This is another website that prides itself on providing quality materials at a reasonable price to interested candidates.

They have a whole diverse range of subjects, the courses of which are subscribed to consumers at an average rate of $20.

However, the website also offers many free graphic design courses.

The course Visual & Graphic Design is a fundamental starter pack for graphics amateurs.

It gives a decent head-start to whoever wants to pursue a career in Graphic Designing, without having to pay a penny for the lessons.


8. Zee Institute of Creative Art


Zee Institute Of Creative Art


This institute covers almost every aspect of Graphics including 3D Animation, Visual Effects, Web Design , Digital Marketing, Digital Photography, Multimedia etc.

The online courses dedicated to these topics have been thoroughly scrutinised for ensuring quality.

Therefore, this imparts quality education in the field of graphic designing.

The mentors associated with this institute also happen to be the best in the industry that the students can feel enlightened from.


9. Next-G Education


Next G Education


Next-G also imitates classroom graphic design courses in their online versions.

The courses offered by these online institute spans from 1 month to a year.

Diploma courses can also be availed through Next-G online.

Some of their courses include Advanced Graphic Design Expert Course , Graphic Expert Premium Course, Graphic Expert Standard Course, Graphic Design Expert Course, Adobe Illustrator Course, Adobe InDesign Course, Adobe Photoshop Course and CorelDraw Course.

As it may be assumed from the diversity in the courses offered, the institute has a right program for graphic designers at every stage of their expertise.


10. Canva Design School


Canva Design School


Canva also offers a range of free courses, within which the class named Introduction to Graphic Design, is fortunately included.

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The course consists of 4 modules, which advance on its self-paced mode.

This is an elaborate and comprehensive course acts as the perfect Starter-Kit for interested graphic designers.

All the fundamentals pertinent to the subject, ranging from fonts , colours, images, backgrounds, layouts and shapes are covered within this course.

This makes it a natural choice for anyone who wants to try out their skills at Graphics.

It does not overcomplicate the materials, thus easing the students in into this vast digital space of art.


The number of graphic design courses online is numerous.

That does not, however, make them all worth it.

Before anyone decides to try his or her luck at online learning, he or she must be sure of seeking advice from a valid source.

The quality of education and material the consumers receive from the online courses must be maintained at its absolute superiority.

It is also essential to choose forums and platforms that continue to update their system and databases at regular intervals.

This helps the students to catch up with the latest developments in the digital world and stay on top of their game.

Another vital factor in choosing an online course is getting access to lectures by top instructors around the world.

Not only would their lectures impact knowledge, but also wisdom.

The ability to interact with the respective mentors is an added advantage that no student must ever surpass if given the opportunity.

Digital art is a technical skill; however, it requires the learner to have an imagination of his own.

That skill cannot be taught by an instructor.

It is something one must nurture from within to incorporate with the technical knowledge to create something beautiful.


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