How Much Does a Logo Design Cost?

There is no doubt that Branding has a significant impact on your business’s success and growth. 

It helps position you as a professional business while ensuring that you stay in the minds of your target clients.

One of the most critical factors in the success of a branding campaign is the  logo design .  

Logos are vector graphics used to represent a business by either portraying a product, service, or the name they carry.

As a business thinking of investing in logo design, you’ll need to ensure that you have a good idea of what to expect from a logo and what makes for a truly great logo.  

Several things make a logo great.  

If expertly done, the logo should be technically sound (not losing quality when size is reduced or increased), be unique and personable, and should be applicable in different media.  

All this while portraying your unique values as a company. 

We are going to look at what you will get at the $100, $1000 and $10,000  price range.  

We are analysing what makes a logo design cost these prices and what drawbacks you will encounter at the lower ranges.  

With this in mind, you’ll be in a better position to differentiate between a professional logo and a poorly done replica. 

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There are tons of examples of great logos across the web, such as  Goldspot Pens  or Kumho Tires.  

We recommend reviewing your favourite brands and taking notes to get a rough idea of what makes for a logo design that you love.

For a professional logo, you’ll need to hire an experienced designer who will work with you to visualise your company into a simple image. 

Finding a good designer is simple. Most of them are picked up by professional  graphic design agencies  who make the process of producing a great logo easy.

But there is also the option of seeking out individual freelance designers off the web.  

This is where it gets more complicated.  

You will need to scour the internet (forums, job sites, portfolios) and then interview dozens of designers.

Once you find your designer, one of the most challenging points is deciding what price point you are willing to pay for the logo design of your dreams.

More than meets the eye

Cost Logo Design Prices

We have mentioned before that logos carry more weight than they are attributed, both by clients and customers.

The question of designing a  good logo  is a psychological one.

Finding the perfect blend of shapes, colours and typography that the target audience will resonate with takes time and effort.

Designers often spend years in schools, and technical colleges perfecting their sight and logic to accommodate these needs.

Logos are far more than just a symbol on a business card , often finding their way into some other corporate materials:

  • Branding the logistical vehicles , offices and other equipment with a logo symbolises ownership.
  • Putting your logo on corporate documents such as memorandums, envelopes, and notebooks embody professionalism in the niche.
  • Logo design also finds its way onto corporate websites, which are usually the first line of defence when new partners or clients come knocking.
  • Logos are also predominant on  packaging  labels and any form of retail sales that the company may be conducting.
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With such a significant role to play in every facet of a business, why are logos still undermined as unimportant and a necessary evil by many companies?

The reason for this is twofold, and besides the need to sit down and think about something “artsy”, CEOs or managers also have to put up with “working with designers”.

There is still a stigma surrounding designers and their perception as “people who just draw stuff”.

Drawing and logo design has nothing to do with each other apart from the early sketching, and this is where the matter of client servicing comes into question.

The question of design services

Toyota Rebranding

The chances are that you had the pleasure of working on a logo design without even realising it.

Logos often carry symbolic references to company history, mission and vision and even a blend of colours that are later used in corporate correspondences.

This is the first thing that we need to consider once the matter of pricing a logo design cost comes into play.

A typical logo design consists of a positive, a negative and an outline of the desired design, delivered to the clients’ doorsteps.

In most freelance or individual cases, this is where the story ends, and the designer gets paid whatever the client feels like paying.

However, stepping up your game and offering further servicing options to the client can raise your price significantly, no matter what you are charging now for the logo design cost alone.

Servicing also entails that you might be interested in working with the client further, whether on implementing the logo design on  business cards , corporate materials (which we will talk about later) or redesigning the logo down the line.

All of these options should have different prices attached to them since most business owners do not understand the way the design process works.

Just because you designed a logo does not mean you are bound by moral laws to keep working on it for the same price you were paid previously.

Cheap vs Expensive Logo Design Prices

Cheap Logo Design Services Inkbot Design

Now that we have covered some of the basics of logo design pricing, let’s talk about how to choose between a cheap and expensive design.

Admit it, you thought of going for the “cheap” option as soon as you saw it.

While logo generators are the cheapest option ($0 to use the service and $10-$50 to purchase your design), they only offer limited, generic icon and font options. – 99Designs

While you may have more freedom with choosing copywriting, logo design is a bit different.

We are programmed to spend as less money as possible in our daily routines, especially when it comes to “trivial” things such as logo design or writing.

Cheap logo designers  are plentiful and usually consist of art students, beginner freelancers or people from countries with lower income.

These people are capable of designing good artwork that you might be proud to own.

However, don’t expect any extra servicing options or additional support from these designers because they don’t know how to do that yet or realise that you are getting “the bang for your buck”.

Paying a fraction of what sizeable corporate design projects would cost won’t get you any extra benefits no matter how far you look for cheap designers.

Just to give you an example: A google search for “professional logo design” will yield results offering logo for as little as $5 Which is a clear abuse of the word “professional”, because for $5 you can’t really do anything good even if you live in India. – Ebaqdesign

Expensive designers and agencies , on the other hand, are established professionals and creatives that have rich  portfolios  that can back them up and help them raise their price.

Companies and clients that want a guarantee of successful delivery should always look for these professionals, however much more expensive they might be.

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Professional designers with some mileage behind them are also very familiar with  the concept of visual brand building  and services, meaning that they are better equipped to deal with the additional design tasks that will pop up eventually.

Given everything we have covered so far is based on established knowledge about logo design and designers,  how much does a logo design cost in practice? 

Let’s separate the price points based on how complex and demanding the tasks are, as well as how much additional work there needs to be done once the logo is finished.

The $0 – $100 Logo Design Packages

Cheap Logo Design Prices Logo Maker

The zero in the title should not come as a surprise given everything we have talked about so far.

Many young and inexperienced designers will happily design logos for free, or “pro bono”, without any payment requests whatsoever.

You should, however, keep in mind that the quality of the product you receive will most likely reflect that price-point.

Every designer has to start somewhere, and letting someone ambitious play around with your Branding might not be as bad as you think.

If you need something more complex and need further visual Branding, it might be a good idea to look for more established designers.

If you’re looking for a logo design cost that is in the lower category in terms of expense but still offers quality, this should work for you. 

Given that the price is low, some logo design steps will be overlooked in the creation process.

Logo Design Problems

For instance, extensive research is one of the steps all designers have to conduct to ensure they are well informed. 

It helps them gauge what is in the market, what your competitors are using, and how they can differentiate your business from your competitors. 

Without this process, the designer will most likely work solely under your guidance and the vision you have for your logo. 

Guidance would include providing them with a mood board, the colours you want, your favourite  fonts , symbols, and nearly designing the idea yourself with them operating the software side ( Photoshop , Illustrator , etc.).

With this, your designer will work on a few designs and present them for you to choose your favourite. 

Once you have made your choice, the designer will then refine and edit the logo to perfection to ensure it stands out. 

Finally, you will get your logo and can pay for the work done.

It is, however, essential to note that designers who can pull off a logo at such a low price are either beginners, students, or someone juggling many design projects, not focusing on yours. 

Having this in mind, you can decide whether this price point is for you.

The $1,000 Logo Design Cost

Custom Logo Design Services From A Logos Designer

Logo designs in this category will feature intermediate to experienced designers. 

These are designers who have worked with various brands and gained enough knowledge in the field to ensure they provide quality.

With such pricing, you can be sure that the logo will feature both quality and professionalism. 

To create this, designers have to go through serious processes that aid them during creation.  

These processes are what differentiate the quality of logos in this category as compared to the previous one. 

Your designer will first start by doing extensive research in the market and analysing your competition to help gauge how the logo will position your business. 

They’ll then work on the designs with the help of a mood board to create different concepts for the logo design. 

Those with the most potential get refined to fit the client’s brand message, goals, and values. 

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The logo gets presented to you with additional information on how you can use your logo daily to be consistent with your Branding and presence. 

Social Media Business Card Design Services

In case you have any revision requests, they are taken into account and carefully executed. 

The best part about these logo designers is that they’ll work on creating a variation of logos with different colour backgrounds. 

It is essential, especially if you plan to use your logo on various things.

Once this is done, your designer will present you with the logos accompanied by the guidelines. 

These guidelines will help you better understand where a specific logo is meant to be used and how you can apply it. 

It is evident that the steps and processes adhered to in this price range are more in-depth, strategic, and offer actual value. 

As a business, that is what will set you apart.

The $10,000 Logo Design Prices

Most Expensive Logos Cost Pricing

The price range for this logo design cost is intended for large professional companies who prefer working with the best. 

Logos at this range are done by teams of professional designers working in agencies.  

Agencies offer the convenience of having people with different competencies of expertise in various fields working on your project.

The processes at this range are more thorough, involve more ideas, and offer other additional marketing services related to your branding campaign.  

Most agencies will also work on positioning your business and create the names and taglines you’ll use. 

Such additional services will come in handy for big brands on a rebranding journey. 

The prices for this logo design have no limit and will highly depend on the scope of work. 

Companies that want to go into international markets or directly set up a long-term plan for their development usually go for “all-in” design projects.

Given the nature of these projects, companies usually turn to design agencies with full-time employees, art directors and design managers for their needs.

Design agencies can charge upwards of $100,000 for these projects, sometimes much more.

It all depends on how much additional servicing there is after the logo is designed.

Companies are prone to contracting agencies and designers long-term so that they are safe when an additional design is concerned.

Freelance Logo Designer or Branding Agency?

Logo Designer Vs Logo Design Agency

It is essential to weigh your needs against the budget you have available carefully.

If you are a  small business  owner in need of simple logo design and a couple of extra office materials that need designing, you should opt for a freelancer.

Design agencies offer guaranteed quality and safety, but they are mostly out of the price range that many individuals are comfortable with paying for these projects.

Companies that want to expand and have substantial revenues should always turn to agencies because they can afford it for logo design or something else entirely.

As for designers, you should consider your financial and family situation whenever you think if you should freelance or work for an agency.

Agencies offer fixed monthly payments as well as social and health security – something you will rarely find by yourself if you are a freelancer.

Creating Your Logo Design Budget

Logo Design Prices Budget

Now that you know the different tiers in pricing, you are now well-equipped to figure out what your budget should be. 

Having this figured out will help you determine which design and designer work best for you. 

Here are the things you should consider as you work out your design budget.

Turn Around Time

How long you want to wait as the logo gets designed plays a huge role in the amount of money you’ll need. 

For instance, if you want your logo delivered faster than the usual time that designers take, you’ll need to pay more. 

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This is because the designer will have to pause other things and solely focus on creating a quality logo that serves you within the time provided. 

The age-old saying “you get what you pay for” applies quite well in this situation. 

Experienced designers have built logos for years or even decades and should have direct experience with producing logos that gave huge ROI and why. 

It’s a good idea to think carefully about the quality you expect and assign the right figure for that expectation.


How much back and forth will be involved during this project? 

Figuring out if you want to be involved in the design and direct what works for you or wait for the logo design is essential. 

This is because too much involvement in the work process of a designer can be a bit disruptive and may slow them down. 

They would have to charge more to compensate for the time spent waiting for feedback and making revisions. 

Knowing this will help you determine your budget.  

Extra Features

When working on having a logo created for your business , you might also consider having the designer add in extra features. 

These could include different variations of logos, different backgrounds, or choices with no background. 

This would mean you’d have to pay for the additions. With this, you can work on your budget and find an experienced designer who fits the bill. 

What to Expect from Your Logo Design

7 Types Of Logo Design

Despite the different logo design prices stated, you need to understand what to expect from the logo you’ve decided to invest in. 

Having the right knowledge of what your logo is expected to do will also help influence your budget. 

You will be in a better position to figure out how much you’re willing to pay for your logo. 

Some of the things that your logo should fulfil include:

Symbolising Your Business

One of the primary purposes of having a logo is so that it can stand in for you and your business or brand. 

When people see your logo, they should immediately associate it with your business.

This is what makes up a good and efficient logo. 

If you are working with a quality designer, you can expect a logo that clearly shows your name. 

This is the best way to have your business in people’s minds at all times. 

Including graphics and symbols is a good option if they’re easy-to-recognise and straightforward.

Grabbing Customer’s Attention

In today’s world, people’s attention span is low, which means you need to capture it within seconds. 

Here’s where your logo comes in to help you grab your customer’s attention fast and communicate what you’re all about.

Your logo should communicate your business’s purpose and values. 

Remember that first impressions matter when grabbing your customer’s attention. 

Ensure that your logo is made in a way that portrays the right image for your business. 

Leaving a Memorable Experience

This particular one ties into the quality of services and products you provide your customers. 

People can relate your logo to the kind of service they received after engaging with your business.

Having a logo that people can easily associate with a memory of what you do, what you offer, and even how you make them feel is necessary. 

Your logo is meant to evoke a clear memory that is pleasing and also positive. 

Most people will have no recollection of your business name but will however associate more with your logo. 

Separating You From Your Competition

When it comes to running a successful business , you are bound to have a few competitors on the same level. 

This means that you need to work on ensuring that your business has something visual that can differentiate you from the rest.

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A well-designed logo will help you achieve this. 

Your logo should communicate to your customers why your business is unique. 

The elements included in your logo can communicate anything from your company’s mission, vision, or what drives you. 

Developing Brand Loyalty

With a consistent brand presence in your customer’s lives and quality in the services and products offered, you’ll be in a better position to foster brand loyalty. 

Your logo is meant to be a visually aesthetic part of your business that people can always quickly identify.

The more they see your logo, the more familiar they are with your brand, which makes them trust you more. 

This leads them to be more inclined towards purchasing your products whenever they need what you provide. 


As a business, you have different options on which logos to go with. 

Factor in what your expectations are and see which price range you fall under. 

This will help inform your budget and ensure that you get precisely what you want.

Keep in mind that the different processes undertaken will always deliver different results. 

If you are looking to work with a great designer for quality results, consider investing in mid-budget designs with an agency.

If your business can afford it, then your Branding should be handled in the high-budget tier.  

There is a massive upgrade towards understanding the consumer’s psychology when you hire the best teams to design your logo. 

Take your time to find the right designer or agency to work with, and you will produce the perfect logo.

Check out this handy pricing calculator for logo design and Branding below:

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