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Law Firm Branding Tips – a Logo Design Guide for Lawyers

It may come as a surprise to you, but no rule says you have to use the iconic scales or the judge’s gavel for your law firm logo design .

Even though this is an obvious choice, you should aim to avoid overused concepts.

If you have decided to switch to a new logo for your law firm or are simply starting from scratch and need good lawyer branding , avoid these negatives.

Get creative and use traditional designs in unique and improved ways.

Even better, start your law firm branding process and create a logo that will stand out from the others.

To help you do this, we have created a guide you can follow to create the best design for your law firm logo.

1 – Your Logo Must fit the Legal Industry

Although you can learn a lot from well-designed logos , not every industry requires the same approach towards branding.

Take a look at quality logos in all sectors, but make sure to focus on those of other law firms.

Your law firm brand design may be different from these, but it still has to belong in the legal industry.

If you want your company logo design to stand out from the rest, you need to think about the impression it will make.

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You want it to be recognisable from the moment a customer lays eyes on it.

After all, the goal of lawyer branding is to show people what kind of company it represents.

2 – Pay Attention to Colours

Colours are much more influential than you think.

People associate colours with weakness or stability, trust or distrust, bad or good.

Therefore, always aim to use the proper colours when creating the logo for your company .

For example, blue is said to reflect calmness and stability, while red is tightly associated with power.

If you pick green, your customers will perceive new beginnings and wealth, while purple indicates loyalty.

3 – Keep it Simple, Yet Unique

If you want people to remember your logo, you need to make it simple.

A complex image is much harder to recall.

You surely think – I can go with the usual legal imagery to achieve this.

However, attorney branding that includes overused imagery will never leave an impression on a customer.

Your logo will be just one in the thousands of same logos out there.

4 – Check Out the Competition

If you want to create a brilliant business logo that will make a lasting impression on the customer, you must check your competitors.

Research what the competition does when creating their logos – this will allow you to see what you should avoid or implement into your branding strategy .

When checking out the competition, ask yourself the following questions: What don’t you like about a company’s logo?

Moreover, if there is something specific you do not find to be inviting, what can you do to improve it?

These simple questions will help you a lot in the logo design process .

5 – Think of the Best Way to Feature Your Name

Most of the highly reputable law firms build a reputation on their name.

Therefore, think of a great logo design that will present your name in the best possible light.

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Consider the size, font and location of your name on the logo, as well as colour.

The best combination of these can make you distinctly display the company’s name.

6 – Get Professional Help

When you are done creating your logo, get some insight and advice from others.

You can always hire a professional Branding Agency or test your logo design and allow the current customers of the company to weigh in on it.

This option will provide you with valuable feedback on what you need to improve and what makes the logo appealing to the customers.

7 – Update Your Logo Regularly

Even if you think of the best logos in the world, firm branding requires constant focus if you want it to be successful.

The information you present may not be up-to-date, and the logo trends change at a fast pace, which makes it highly necessary to make changes to your existing logo or change it completely if it needs it.

It is always a good idea to bring something fresh to your company.

Start with something like the logo and move to upgrade bigger, more expensive marketing materials to attract the customers.

If you do not want to change your logo altogether, baby steps are more than enough.

Make small changes such as a colour change, font change or add some minor visuals to make the Brand Identity more appealing.

Examples of Creative Law Firm Branding

As we said, you need to look into your competitor’s logos to get an idea about the impression you are aiming towards with your law firm branding.

To help you do this, we have made a list of what we think are the top ten best choices of logos for a law firm branding.



Located in Santa Barbara, the Tellus law group logo reflects the spirit of environmental safety and health.

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With the name Tellus being ‘earth’ in Latin, Kristin Larson decided she wanted to showcase what her firm is all about in a single branding design.

Morgan Lewis


Morgan Lewis is a company that offers legal services in 28 offices on a worldwide level.

Back in 2014, this company chose the Siegel + Gale logo designer to create something unique and modern.

Even though the consultants created three different options for the marketing chief, she decided to go for the featured name of the firm in an attractive typeface.

Why did they chose this option instead of making a bolder move?

The answer is simple – to make slight changes.

The change of font is very subtle but turns the logo into a fresh image.

This is exactly what firms need.

Harvest Legacy Center


The Harvest Legacy Center’s logo is an example of simplicity and beauty.

Combining an attractive font use and a great graphic, the company managed to create a logo that stands out.

Also, they decided to feature the name of the company in bold, which makes it stick in the mind of the customer immediately.

Fashion Law Institute


Fashion Law Institute is a reputable attorney and law firm that has created a unique, memorable logo.

The hammer is a classic legal symbol, but in combination with the large font, it results in a great logo design and apparently a shared business message.

Frankel Law Firm


Frankel’s logo is a classic example of a simple design that leaves an immediate impression in the mind of the customer.

Featuring a negative spacing technique and contemporary font, this logo stands out from all those boring law firm branding logos.

Ramsey Law, LLC


Ramsey Law is a good law firm and as such, has created a simple, yet brilliant logo.

The logo has excellent use of colour and presents the capital R book as highlighted, which makes the whole logo memorable.

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Meyers and O’Hara


Meyers & O’Hara has created a unique logo with an excellent choice of font.

In addition to this, the logo uses the ampersand symbol ‘&’ in a somewhat shadowed way, which allows people to remember the name of the company’s lawyers easily.

The Jacob Law Firm


Jacob Law Firm operates out of Austin in Texas.

It is distinguished by a huge clientele and personalised legal assistance.

However, this is not what all people know them for.

The Jacob Law Firm’s logo is one of the most memorable logos in the legal industry, ranking alongside our top 10 attorney and law firm branding logos.

Featuring vibrant colours and amazing graphics, this logo is proof that creativity can lead to magic.

Deborah Chen


Deborah is a successful attorney who specialises in civil rights, US immigration laws and Underutilised Business State programs.

She is obviously a woman with an excellent sense of design since her logo is the simplest and yet, one of the most memorable logos we have seen.

Using a serif typeface and a small Statue of Liberty icon within the name of the company conveys a strong message of punctuality and professionalism.

Kasling, Hemphill, Dolezal and Atwell


Creating a logo for a firm with such a long name cannot be an easy task since the name itself requires plenty of room and a robust choice of font.

In this case, the company did a fantastic job creating a logo that features a simple, yet professional font and an unusual combination of colours.

Next to the name of the company, the lawyers added a square symbol, presenting the capital letters of all attorneys in the name of the firm.

Brilliant, don’t you think?

These ten approaches show a lot of different approaches to law firm branding, but yet, they are awesome.

This is exactly what you need – to turn your idea into a distinctive logo that will distinguish you from other law firms!

Need help Building your Brand?

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