Top Graphic Trends That Will Dominate 2022

Graphic design is always associated with current fashion trends like no other ​​industry. Templates and ideas in this area change a lot almost every year. Thus, people got a chance to throw off old habits or hackneyed solutions. It’s about templates that are no longer of interest to both designers and their employers. 

So, this means that significant changes will also take place in the current year. If we are talking about global graphic trends, designers have their own preferences and vision. 

Let’s figure out which of the options will be the most successful for a specific area. Our experts have studied the problem by analysing the dynamics in web design , computer modelling, and the printing industry.

Global trends at a glance

Global issues will affect designers or freelancers in one way or another. We are talking about the fact that consumer habits are changing and, as a result, trends in the market.  

Nowadays, the consumer increasingly prefers to buy goods online and pay with bitcoin. Green energy is also in trend. 

Global investors, including Elon Musk, are interested in bioengineering and cryptocurrency projects such as  ICOholder . This will undoubtedly affect the market and consumer behaviour. 

If freelancers want their visual content to be vibrant and relevant, they must understand the upcoming graphic trends. 

So, we’ve found the top 11 ideas for social media templates and tried to figure out how they would affect the print industry.  

What graphic trends will change in 2022?

Hardly anyone will deny that 2021 is associated with events that are held mainly on the Internet. It’s not only e-commerce. People are increasingly gravitating towards online shopping, actively using social marketing platforms. 

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Of course, 2021 was very specific for people, which forced us to change our vision of online sales . Hiring freelancers and outsourcing have become more relevant than ever. 

Naturally, such trends also affected design .

Entrepreneurs who did not reorient their business in a new way went bankrupt. 

But this is not always the case. Owners of cafes, restaurants, beauty salons and other companies who adopted new trends in time and actively promoted their products through online platforms have succeeded. 

We’re talking about Instagram, FB, and other sites. Regardless of which option is chosen, creating catchy content, including graphics, is vital in such cases. Thus, the graphic trends that we will talk about will interest a wide range of readers.

Minimalism & Web design in 2022

Minimal Web Design

Minimalism is a long-established trend. Such a style will dominate in the next year. 

In 2021, designers increasingly prefer simple shapes. This is the best way to convey the main message to the consumer and not oversaturate the picture with unnecessary elements. 

Simple lines and patterns create an impression of a certain asceticism, which, in turn, contrasts with the muted colour palettes. 

Such layouts are ideal for various projects. We’re talking about clothing store logos, branded restaurant and cafe packaging, and more. 

The same goes for the print industry and the large vinyl banners that people see on the streets of big cities.

What about 3D elements?

Of course, 3D graphics are one of the foundations of design. Such techniques are especially effective for advertising projects. 

The illusion of three-dimensionality and movement is in harmony with any natural patterns and motives. At the entrance to pharmacies, spa salons, massage rooms, each of us can see signboards with such models. 

Any 3D style gives more freedom and abstraction than other motives, so this trend will inevitably continue in 2022. 

Experts are confident that people will focus on hyper-realistic renderings that blur the difference between graphics and photography. 

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Also, the coming year should be a big comeback for illustrative techniques associated with comics. In this case, 3D graphics will be irreplaceable.

Animated objects  

Animated Typography Trends

There are many signs that another year of remote work lies ahead for creatives and freelancers. The World Health Organization recommends against the gathering of actors and filmmakers. 

So, shooting videos will have to be postponed until better times. Marketers expect further growth in interest in animated illustrations. 

Marketers increasingly use combining images. They prefer to add video clips to create an album effect. Of course, such style is ideal for banners and full-screen advertisements. 

If people want to understand how to create high-quality materials, they should read our  article

Comics and pop art will be more spicy and rustic next year. The same goes for large widescreen banners. Creatives prefer cutouts, artistic typography.  

Will gradient colouring be popular in 2022?

Such style has been used extensively by graphic designers for a long time. Perhaps this year, it will be other, even more, original and daring forms. 

Experts predict the popularity of bright colours and thick black lines. This is a prevalent illustration technique that is perfect for any style. The gradient will be effective in all outdoor advertising.

Many experienced designers believe that the greater the contrast between a soft background and a highly expressive element, the better the marketing result. Such techniques are prevalent in 2021 and will undoubtedly remain popular in 2022. 

It’s especially true for brands associated with the arts and organising events—most people who are not alien to gradient colouring order large signboards.

Optical illusion, surrealism, and parallax effect

Optical Illusion Graphic Trends

Optical illusion styles give the impression of saturated colours and space. We told our readers a lot about such techniques. 

When people scroll, some figures appear closer than visual objects that are farther forth. Using such a tool is the best way to surprise the consumer. Marketers very often prefer surrealism.

Another graphic trend that could emerge in 2022 is the combination of optical illusions with the parallax effect. 

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At first glance, this may seem incomprehensible, even meaningless. But after much thought, people often see a coherent, meaningful whole. 

This means that they understood the essence of the designer’s ideas. All techniques like these work well for sales funnels.

Glassmorphiasm & anthropomorphisation 

Anthropomorphic figures are the means of artistic expression. The main challenge of the designer is to attract attention and create a memorable picture. 

Anthropomorphisation concerning visual elements or abstract concepts is a particular case of animation. The new form of personification is expressed in the attribution of human characteristics to inanimate objects. 

This is especially important considering that cartoon characters will dominate in the coming year. Companies will need a robust and distinctive feature. 

The key for such a trend is the phrase “the weirder, the better.” 

All types of morphism are also important. In this case, some elements of the page are translucent. 

Such materials are used for  print media and digital advertising . It looks like frosted glass. 

Most often, it is placed on a background with an original gradient. The pages created in this way are associated with light colours. 

In 2021, freelancers often prefer such templates for their portfolios and people involved in the arts. It is unlikely that this trend will be irrelevant in 2022.

Retro style

Thousands of people have a longing for an idealised past. Any marketer will confirm this fact. 

Similar graphic trends exist in web design. Styles related to 90s aesthetics are especially relevant. In this case, most of the drawings are made up of simple figures. 

This is a fundamental trick, but experienced marketers also add colour palettes.  

Vintage has always been relevant on FB and Instagram, but in 2022 it will become mainstream. Designers who prefer this style are to reorient people from ideal filtered images to natural photos.

Muted colours and design inspired by nature

Best Examples Of Beige Web Design Colours

Undoubtedly, a side effect of the current pandemic is reduced consumption, which leads to informed purchase decisions. 

People pay attention to the composition or packaging of the product . In addition, more than ever, thousands of consumers are striving for freedom of movement and the ability to relax with nature. 

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Such factors have a direct impact on the design. In 2022, most packages will be characterised by muted colour palettes , soft flowing lines, images of plant elements. 

As for packaging materials, consumers will increasingly prefer environmentally friendly solutions.

Muted colours are among the best ideas that will be relevant for graphic design in 2021 and 2022. 

Every year people spend much time in front of PCs. So eyes have no rest, especially with remote work or lockdown. 

This is why marketers are increasingly prefer muted colours and focusing on them. 

When using such a style, users do not fatigue so quickly. In addition, pages and layouts that aren’t saturated with vibrant colours retain accents for more extended periods.  

Interactive scrolling and dark style 

This is another technique that increases website loading speed . In this case, some elements on the page appear or change coordinates. 

This technique is for anyone who prefers  optimising page layout . Such a trend has been relevant already in the 2010-2020 years. 

Consumers who often watch ads notice this. There are no reasons that it will change in 2022. 

The same goes for shades. The use of dark as the primary colour lends remarkable elegance to the layouts. This is a good technique in terms of aesthetics. 

Dark styles are especially relevant to store shelves where brands don’t refuse bright and flashy product labels.

Colours like yuzu, mandarin, and bright orange will define FB or Youtube palette in 2022. People will see a pinch of citrus in makeup, different backgrounds, and others. 

Beauty and fitness brands prefer to use such hues to improve company awareness. The same goes for beverages and food.

Serif fonts and smileys

Emoji Illustrations For Website Design

The use of emoticons has not been a child’s toy for a long time. Even global brands like Durex, McDonald’s, and Pepsi prefer visual objects to style their promotional materials. 

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Without this technique, marketing campaigns are unlikely to be as effective. Using emoji is a creative way to increase engagement . Good advertising is always associated with emotion.

Novice designers should also use effective heading and caption techniques. Serif fonts make visual advertising original. It’s about logos, banners, and more. 

In 2021, designers prefer unusual and distinctive ideas to stand out from the crowd. 

Experts are confident that serifs in austere and rustic style will be the most popular in 2022. Such styles are suitable for logos and headings both in the print industry and e-commerce.

Fine art inspiration 

The difference between fine art and commercial graphic design will blur in 2022. 

With the combination of these two techniques, people have entirely new ideas. 

It’s about abstract patterns, reprints inspired by classical painting. 2021 is a transition period to socially responsible design. 

Artists from all over the world are taking action to accompany their pictures with socially inclusive styles. It’s about various ideas, from tackling inequality to pointing out critical issues and global challenges. 

Such changes will be difficult to miss. Сonsumers are increasingly socially aware. Experts argue that authenticity will be one of the main trends in 2022. 

This means that people refuse unnatural, staged photography, fake smiles, and heavy retouching. An ordinary person will be in the foreground. 

In Summary 

Undoubtedly, 2021 was a complex and uncertain year for e-commerce and many areas of our life. You don’t need to be an expert to understand this. 

Fortunately, forecasts for 2022 are more optimistic, including the design area. The abundance of styles will only expand, so most freelancers don’t have to mess around.  

This means that we will find many alternatives for the introduction of creativity. It’s time for bold designs – more optimism, colours, madness! 

Also, good graphic trends are predicted for minimalistic graphics, simple layouts, and neutral colours. If people combine all such techniques, they will undoubtedly create effective promo materials.

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