Top 12 Graphic Design Fonts Used by the Professionals

Graphic Design Fonts

Top 12 Graphic Design Fonts Used by the Professionals

As a graphic designer, it's essential to master creating business cards , brochures, logos, and other materials that can work both as marketing materials and visual aids.

However, a lot of inexperienced designers forget about one simple, yet crucial element in all these designs – fonts.

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In the past, there weren't many options to choose from, but today there are so many font options for designers to choose from that they can easily get carried away and include something that simply doesn't “do the trick”.

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Top 10 Eco-Friendly Logos & Brands

Eco Friendly Logos

Popular surveys and research papers have talked in depth about the toxic environments this generation is living in.

The present scenarios are alarmingly severe with the rising amount of pollutants in the air and water we depend on for our survival.

If the present concerns are not catered to immediately, it might be too dangerous a damage to work upon.

Call it consciousness or the threat of a dooming world, this generation is more concerned and responsible about the ecology.

As compared to the previous generations, the present age is more willing to work towards a cleaner environment.

This concern is not limited to individuals, but also to businesses that are booming with technology.

As a business, you might ask, why, when there are other things to focus on in your plate?

This can be answered in 2 ways.

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History of the NASA Logo Design

Nasa Logo History

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is well-known around the world as NASA.

They have operated the USA’s space and aeronautics programs for well over 50 years.

To this day, they have only changed their visual identity and NASA logo design a few times, even though the nature of their company and mission allows them to experiment to their hearts’ content.

What is the story behind the NASA logo and subsequent logotypes and what can we learn from their efforts to stay true to the initial idea of the agency?

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