How to Write a Blog Post That Generates Leads for Your Business

There’s no denying the apparent impact technology has had on how we do things.

Almost every aspect of our lives has transformed thanks to the many technological advancements witnessed across various industries.

Our way of learning, health care, transportation, financial including how we do business among others has changed.

As the internet gained popularity so did blogging.

Blogging has been around for more than two decades.

Big corporations, small business, and stay at home mums among others are all blogging intending to push their agenda across to a bigger audience.

Marketing was never going to be the same after the internet.

Geographical barriers made it impossible to reach a clientele but online, that isn’t a challenge.

According to statistics, there are over 4 billion internet users as of January 2019 .

Therefore, getting an audience shouldn’t be a problem as long as you do things the right way.

So, what’s the right way of how to write a blog post?

Considering that every second of each day somebody somewhere on earth is uploading their content, competition is bound to be stiff.

To reach your target audience and generate leads for your business it will be pertinent to work on and customise your posts accordingly.

Many companies and individuals are turning to blogging because of the following reasons:

  • It informs customers about the latest company events and news
  • When you’re legit and do things well, the business can establish itself as an authority in their chosen arena
  • You can educate the audience about your products and services placing you as their go-to in their hour of need
  • They attract customers through search engines
  • To generate leads for the business

What’s lead generation?

What Is Lead Generation

In recent years almost all organisations have a website.

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Whether they are a big, medium or small brand, they have made a point of having an online platform where all information about its products or services is communicated.

For such businesses to grow, they require marketing and leads can help.

Generating leads refers to the process of attracting customers for future sales.

When your blogs are considered to be an authority in the industry, then you’ll have more leads.

Here’s how to write a blog post that works

1 – The title and introduction

How To Write A Blog Post - Title Tips

Among the top reasons novelists succeed to get readers to open their books is by using the title.

Everything about the cover and first chapter determines whether the audience will proceed with the rest of the content or not. The same applies to our postings.

You’ll consider the following when writing the title:

  • Make it unique and catchy
  • It MUST be relevant to the content
  • Be precise and straightforward

The effort you put into the opening section is critical because you only have a couple of seconds to either impress or bore your target audience .

The introduction, too, needs to meet a certain threshold.

Therefore, you’ll consider the following:

Arouse curiosity in your readers to make them want to read on.

Give a brief into the subject matter, not forgetting to highlight the thesis statement.
Let people know exactly what the composition is all about while also encouraging them that it will be worth their time.

A well-customised title and introduction are of value because they help create excellent blog posts.

Before you can generate leads, you’ll need such posts and are therefore invaluable.

2 – Organisation and planning

Project Management Tools

Leads are generated when we upload high-quality content .

That can only be achieved when we dedicate and invest in doing so.

Quality material doesn’t come cheap and will, therefore, require some organisation.

Part of this process is creating a working schedule.

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Timelines are necessary to ensure that the blog always new material.

Have a regular upload schedule, whereby the audience knows when you’ll be uploading.

Daily uploads can be strenuous and will likely lower content quality.

Weekly uploads will work.

You’ll need ample time to work, and setting deadlines will be helping ensure that you accomplish tasks on time.

Research is a big part of publishing well-thought-of publications.

To win the hearts of your customers, you have to be legit.

Nobody enjoys working with unscrupulous individuals.

When your content is plagiarised, misleading or misinformed you’ll miss out on potential readers and in the process lose leads.

3 – Content quality

Content Marketing Tips

The quality of your content will either draw in readers or make you lose out on potential customers.

Leads are generated from blog posts that meet set standards among their readers.

That implies the composition has to be free of errors that relate to grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other sentence structure mistakes.

It’s a bore and can be tiresome trying to comprehend content with such mistakes. They will cause the post to lack flow.

In some cases, such errors end up distorting the message and confusing the readers.

Even though you’ve ensured that there are no errors with your article, more still needs to be done to guarantee it gets the customers attention.

Creativity is vital when creating blogs; nobody wants to spend their precious time reading through boring material.

Leads are generated from articles that are original and uniquely written.

Draw in and excite readers to always look forward to your blogs using this principle.

You don’t have to struggle with content quality specifically grammar, language, and originality.

Well, chiefessays.net can help, plus several free to use plagiarism and proofreading tools available online.

4 – Give the audience a reason to visit your website

Create A Personal Website

Give the audience a reason always to want to visit your site.

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There’s much competition online despite the fact there’s a large population.

You still have to put some effort into getting their attention.

The question to ask yourself is what’s unique about your site?

What would make readers want to read our blogs other than the fact that it’s well-written?

In recent years, we have seen a growing number of websites that give people coupons and discounts using affiliate links.

Those are some of the perks found in several online platforms.

The use of coupons and discounts is a good marketing strategy and one that’s been shown to have an impact on sales .

A story is told of a company that was resilient and managed to survive the recession period in the USA.

The brand provided customers with mattresses and other sleep accessories.

Then the majority of the people were struggling to make ends meet with the future looking rather bleak.

So, the company wasn’t spared either and was on its way to shutting down.

Luckily, it managed to hold on just a bit longer and as the people started recovering and gaining financial footing they were soon back in stores.

Unlike, most of the brands in the industry that hiked prices to recover the loss they made they chose to use coupons, discounts and other deals to the market instead and attract the growing market.

Soon enough it recuperated its losses and was on track to becoming a leader in its industry.

It’s impossible to ignore the impact that such perks have on businesses.

However, it must not be overdone such that your clientele never buys products or services at the full price.

Make them appreciate when such deals are in play.

5 – Include call-to-action

Optimise Call To Action Button

So how can you get your audience to take action after reading your blog? Call-to-action (CTAs) are the best way to do so.

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The use of CTAs is a technique employed by marketers informing readers about what they are selling and in the process compels them to take action.

Not just any statement works, you have to ensure that it’s achievable and obvious to anyone reading.

To draft CTAs that capture the audience’s attention, consider the following aspects:

  • To create a long-lasting impression, have the CTA in the conclusion. However, there are those who won’t get to the end. In such a case, put links in the middle of the article but don’t overdo it
  • What are your intentions? Ensure that it stands out
  • What is your expectation from the readers? Make sure they are aware of them
  • Honesty is the best policy, and as such, you’ll be expected to be truthful with your promises. Avoid misleading the audience. The promise is one way of motivating action
  • Have a timeline. The best CTAs are those created with a sense of urgency prompting readers to take action before a period elapses

6 – Take advantage of pop-ups

Test Your Call To Action

Time delay and exit pop-ups are one way of generating leads.

Ever clicked to visit a website when suddenly a pop-up with any of the following phrases appeared?

“Download our marketing report!”


“Join our email list!”/ “Subscribe to our emails.”

Those are just among the few frequently used.

They are time-delay pop-ups used to generate leads.

In some cases, your customers will read the blog and not take any action.

As a last resort encouraging them to do so, exit pop-ups can help.

Have you ever tried closing a page when suddenly the whole page is monopolised by a single message? That’s an exit pop-up.

Several brands are embracing the use of such pop-ups to generate leads.

7 – Include visually exciting content

Visual Storytelling Design

Make the blog visually captivating with an easy to navigate interface.

People don’t have the time to try and understand how to navigate your blog.

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Therefore make it as straightforward as possible while still being entertaining.

You can be engaging by using graphics.

Employ the use of videos, picture, and infographics among others .

They make content appear more appealing and in turn generate leads.

Generating leads isn’t rocket science!

Once you master a couple of tricks and tips, it will be quite easy.

The quality of the content that you upload can help with doing so.

The seven tips provided can show you how to write a blog post that converts.

Please share other suggestions that have worked for you.

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