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Why You Should Take Meme Marketing Seriously

Looking for a fun yet compelling way to connect with your audience on social media? 

Want to utilise the power of a futuristic marketing asset that has already secured its place in catching people’s attention? 

Then look no further than leveraging meme marketing. 

Many businesses have already started using various meme templates in the current competitive world because they know it is a quick, easy, and entertaining way to connect with the audience. 

At its core, a meme should engage the reader and that’s why so many businesses want to use highly shareable Internet content to drive larger audiences. – Sprout Social

They are using meme templates to make their brands look bold, chic, or  even goofy

In today’s digital space, meme marketing is the fiercest content currency worthy enough to be added to your marketing campaign. 

Everything that can be posted on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Reddit is worth turning into a meme because they travel faster than tweets or news feeds, and they are gaining popularity worldwide.

What Is Meme Marketing?

Social Media Marketing Meme Example

A meme is a visual content that speaks about an issue or news in a humorous way. 

They are light-hearted jibes at issues/things around you. 

It often includes a funny caption on a viral image. 

Some memes are straight-up reflections of today’s realities represented comically. 

As the adage goes, “there is always a kernel of truth behind every humour.” 

Just look at brands on Twitter like Old Spice, Totinos or Charmin that significantly invest in humour-based social campaigns. – Sprout Social

Memes are indeed a language that today’s generation speaks and comprehends. 

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Therefore, people relate to memes better and faster than any other marketing means.  

Still unsure why to use meme marketing? 

This trend of memes is one of the reasons for huge traffic on many GIF hosting websites and search engines like Imgur and Giphy According to a research, videos perform 12x better on social media compared to other content. – Feedough

Scroll down to understand why you should think about taking meme marketing seriously. 

  • Are you disheartened about your last virtual meeting? Flush out your foiling through a meme!
  • Don’t like your politicians’ tricks? Throw them in a meme on Twitter!
  • Too excited to critique a movie but too exhausted to type a review? Just meme it! 
  • Are you feeling down about your colleague tiff? Channel your distress with a drake meme! 

Let’s talk in detail about why meme is essential to add to your marketing campaign.

1 – Memes are intriguing visual content

In today’s fast-paced age, where everyone wants to skip ads wherever they can, marketing with funny visual content can be a witty tactic to connect with hard-to-reach consumers. 

Across industries, businesses leverage meme marketing to communicate with their audience, build community, and stick in their followers’ memory. 

For professional storytellers, entertainers, entrepreneurs, digital marketers , amateur designers, and creative pros, meme marketing can be an extraordinarily inexpensive yet intriguing way to create engaging content that drives a considerable following.

But as memes become more mainstream, even high-end lifestyle brands have begun experimenting with them to stay relevant and grow a following. – Social Media Examiner

Brands Memes Example

2 – Memes are inexpensive content

Memes are viral images made by other marketers. 

So, you need not spend the extra effort, time, and money to create one from scratch. 

Just tweak the same image with different funny captions to fit into your marketing funnel, and you are good to go. 

This way, you can reap off the existing images by adding a new twist. 

Know the Term ‘Memejacking’ One marketing term that comes up a lot with memes is “memejacking.” According to Business News Daily, this is when brands use previously created memes in their own marketing strategy. – Sprout Social

Also, since memes are the low-resolution, DIY visual content, don’t worry if you don’t possess creative wings. 

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By just using free video-making software like InVideo, anyone can be a great memer. 

There is no need to spend a fortune buying any equipment or software; sign-up and start meme-ing. 

They save small businesses time and money that is otherwise needed to create original content. 

3 – Memes foster a sense of community

If you can win to make your followers laugh, you will drive more audiences and help them relate to your brands. 

And since memes tend to be humorous visual content, they can serve this purpose well. 

They also help you foster community among your followers and bring them together around a shared touchstone. 

They can generate a sense of belonging as your consumers can easily relate to the situation you refer to.

Animals are a popular subject in “wholesome” internet culture so dog-related brands can engage with that meme community without controversy. – Social Media Examiner

Funny Most Popular Memes

4 – Memes have higher feasibility to be shared

Since memes are the language of today’s audience, they have higher feasibility to be shared across various social channels. 

Social media users tend to like, share, and repost memes more than other content. 

So, with a meme, you can reach an even broader audience in a shorter timespan. 

When people share a meme with a friend or family for a laugh, they indirectly express their agreement and allegiance over a particular topic/issue as well as advocate it.

5 – Memes are instant attention grabbers

We all know that people connect to the visual content more quickly, but you have very little time to capture someone’s attention with a graphic. 

In December 2018, the Netflix original film Bird Box went viral after memes from the film started cropping up on popular meme accounts. – Social Media Examiner

And a meme is that visual content that catches your consumer’s attention within a second before they switch on to the next thing struggling for their gaze. 

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For example, you can grab attention quickly if you create memes which are trendy like Spongebob memes, Drake meme, Spiderman memes, etc. 

6 – Memes make your brand look human and relevant

As memes are made on a current trend, issue, or event, they make your brand look more modern, forward-thinker, real, and straightforward in people’s eyes. 

Since memes are related to cultural or contemporary events that your audience already knows about, your content will look more fresh and genuine to them. 

This content strategy makes your brand seem more relatable. 

Memes In Marketing Brands

Key takeaways on Meme Marketing

  • Memes are an easy, inexpensive, and instant way to capitalise on a current trend/issue.
  • They are great visual content for humanising your brand on social media. 
  • They help you reach an even wider audience with an authentic voice.
  • They showcase complex concepts in a hilarious and easy to digest manner.
  • They are highly intriguing and engaging means of marketing.
  • They make your brand feel more organic and relatable as the people are most likely to recall your brand when they see the same meme elsewhere.

A Word of Caution

Since memes are straightforward visual content, sometimes they can also be divisive and offensive to some. 

So, if you are unsure about meme marketing, test the water cautiously with your viewers. 

If they like it, they will show their love by interacting with it, and if they don’t, they will say it directly through comments, enraged emoji, etc. 

Bottom Line

Memes are important visual content to fit into your marketing funnel; use it right to delight your audience and not to annoy them. 

Who knows – your one Drake meme may become the next trend!

In other words, it’s like your average Drake single: best when picked over, remixed, and memed by more creative minds on the internet. – The Ringer

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