11 Top Mobile App Development Companies

The internet is now brimming with impactful web developers. There used to be a rarity of getting yourself a profitable, original mobile app development company to get the job done. 

You must have been through much research to land here on this article – 11 Top Mobile App Development Companies. 

Mobile app development has seen more upsurge than any other type of digital service in the recent two years. 

There are now examples of major brands that prefer their smartphones better than on a website for a computer. 

Now, it’s just not about the race, for it is a preference, but statistically, the opportunities are shining if you are considering having your own app. 

Here presented a handpicked list of a few tops, actual good and professional performance rated mobile app development companies. Learn more as we proceed to go below.

11 Top Mobile App Development Companies

FATbit Technologies 

Fatbit Mobile App Development Company

Founded in 2004, FATbit Technologies have an immense portfolio and experience to secure a good hold on the mobile app development industry. 

Developing over an amplitude of digital services, FATbit has earned the trust of recognised agencies. 

It is a team of more than a hundred and a half carefully selected employees who deliver the highest quality work. 

To date, FATbit has successfully delivered more than five thousand software and applications. FATbit Technologies excel in android app development and hybrid mobile app development. 

With FATbit, you wouldn’t need to worry about your app’s looks, functionality, and branding as they have a world-class system of user experience design. 

With the completed project, FATbit provides very efficient and dedicated mobile app support and maintenance. 

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Besides, suppose you already have an app and still want some additional prospects in it. In that case, FATbit can also perform genuine mobile app testing to determine the domains of distress and then work upon the convenient features prominently.

Prometteur Solutions 

Prometteur Solutions, from and in India, are a leading web and app developer agency. Prometteur was founded in 2013, so it is a new and modern name in the app development agency. 

However, their portfolio carries some prominent names worldwide. They emphasise their focus on the development of apps for android and iOS alike. 

Their mobile app development fields have covered education, travel, finance, telecommunications, real estate, entertainment, and other projects relating to different domains. 

Preferably they have a separate and dedicated UI/UX solutions department which looks into the job, separately or cumulative of the projects, as the case may be. 

And being a company established not so far ago, their pricing is unbelievably affordable, and it is a must to check for start-ups in and around India. 


Algoworks is a colossal development brand in the digital sector. However, with mobile app development, Algoworks specialises in game development as well. 

The two go hand in hand, but it always requires a proper developer to practice the details for smoother glitch-free games.

They also do app development in the fields of healthcare, finance, marketing, and communications. Besides, Algoworks has a unique client-involvement strategy. 

They share the development status at each step with the client to get real-time feedback, thus saving time later for modifications. 

Algoworks was founded in 2006 and had its offices in California and India as well. Algoworks has worked with Coca-Cola and eBay, including hundreds of other high-status brands.

Hedgehog Lab 

Hedgehog Lab Website Mobile App Design

Hedgehog, the developers behind the online experience of Mitsubishi Motors, is a critical consideration when it comes to mobile app development. 

Apart from Mitsubishi, the Hedgehog Lab has achieved enormous appreciation for their works with and for popular names worldwide. 

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Their portfolio includes EDF energy and Santander Bank alongside the most popular Financial Times. Budget is not a problem here as compared to the quality of service one receives. 

Hedgehog Labs has grasped much attention from many renowned agencies like glassdoor, The Top UK developer, App Design Awards, and many more. 

Hedgehog, in 2016 also received an award – RAR Digital Awards for Best On Budget Award. This UK-based mobile app development company has three offices worldwide. 

Hedgehog Lab is our suggestion for such cross-platform projects if you are looking for some hybrid app development.

Dotcom Infoway

With about 20 years of experience in digital services, Dotcom Infoway has witnessed the growth from cell phones to smartphones in the industry. 

In shaping the innovation, Dotcom Infoway has worked for Sony Music and Motorola alike. 

Their portfolio is filled with names of popular brands that rely upon Dot Com Infoway for the trust they bring to curate the atmosphere of digital services. 

For mobile app development, Dotcom Infoway has also been prominent in IPL, Amazon India, ICC, and Universal Publishers. These are but just a few names. Dotcom Infoway has offices in India and the United States. 


Best Mobile App Development Company Belfast

This English company is a leading name in the industry of mobile app development. They ensure high-quality project delivery with the finish of some of the most educated and well-practised  tech-geeks  that bejewel the team. 

Now, for individual platform app development, this is the name to cling to as a priority. They excel at making apps and the system environment for platform-specific apps. 

As shared, their work mechanics is as follows – Discover, Define, Develop, and their ongoing development ideology. 

It is a suitable process because it always involves an element of innovation that leaves the clients and its user both in awe. 

Their team is relatively small, so they are always busy with many ongoing projects, but this shouldn’t stop you from conversing with Brightec to discover if they can accept your project. 

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Keep in mind that their rates may vary, and they charge per hour, and it can be around $100-400 depending on the size and demand of the project. 

IT Craft 

This decade-old mobile app development agency, ITCraft, is based off at Warszawa in Poland. Apart from that location, ITCraft owns its offices in Bydgoszcz, Torun, and London also. 

Their notable work in automation services for administrative functions is the key attraction, and it brings clients to them globally. 

Looking at the names of the location, please do not believe that language will be a problem. 

Their portfolio represents projects like DHL and LUX Med from Bupa Group. If you are aware of the Rossman and the Makro C&C, ITCraft has worked for them as well, which makes it stand in a respectable position, if any, in the mobile app development market. 

Konstant Info Solutions 

Konstant Info Solutions is the name in the mobile app development, which has worked for United Nations , Del Monte, Volkswagen, Citrix, Nestle, Wonder, and Scholastic, among many other projects they have successfully delivered. 

These projects in the portfolio have made Konstant the first choice of many onlookers for their respective web and app development needs. 

Konstant Info is also the winner of the 2018 Best Mobile App Development Agency from the Tabby Awards. 

In 2020, Clutch nominated Konstant Info Solutions as the Top App Developers in India. There are many awards to talk about which they have received but to know about their work is to see that they excel at ERP and CRM apps and are used within a network chain of multiple thousands. 

Konstant Info Solutions was founded in 2003, is located at Jaipur in India. 


Mobile App Design Agency Belfast

STRV, founded in 2004, is a foremost choice of Clutch Reviews, which has given it a 4.7/5 rating in 2021. 

STRV does it all, stressing from low-range to large scale businesses, whichever requires whatever support. 

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STRV is also responsibly proactive in the fields of Software designs. 

It is an American company, started in LA, California, in 2004. Their annual project delivery is minimal (less than a hundred) as they believe in quality over quantity. 

STRV has also worked for Microsoft, Legal Zoom, and Class Dozo. It is also a Google Certified Agency. STRV is a superior choice for those who have specific design demands in mind. 

Zealous System 

For scaling your business or start-up, the Zealous system is the perfect choice for small and developing businesses. 

Zealous Systems was founded in 2008 and now has office branches in India, New Zealand, and Canada. Having offices in different locations ensures that your app will get the most out of STP-Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning Value. 

This is a business model which helps know your target audience better.

Their choices and dislikes, their needs, and also their platform preference as well if you are considering a platform-specific application.

The Metropolitan College of New York, New Zealand Tertiary College app, and brands like Audi have given the opportunities to the Zealous System. They have led to the successful growth of their work value.

What Areas Necessarily Demand a Mobile App? 

If you own a business, be it real estate , or finance, or education. A mobile app for your service will be your knight in shining armour, and the global situation has proved the saying in the last year.

There has never been a better time for medicine or healthcare to emphasise the digital outlook of providing such a service. 

Mobile apps are most beneficial for marketing, delivery, or fin-tech overall. Besides, start-ups with the aims of providing travel-related services or ticket-bookings, so to say, can even start first with the app at hand as entertainment fields had prospered over the mobile apps when everything seemed to shut off. 

Should I Prioritise Android or iOS or Both? Cross-Platform Mobile App Development 

This question can have many answers depending upon the target users and the criterion of budget. 

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However, the best way is to have a cross-platform mobile app development. 

Generally, this is a hybrid development in which developers integrate all the components skillfully into a single .net code. 

This then can further be implied to create android, iPhone, and other framework applications. However, this is a complex process and must be performed by experienced and professional web developers only for the best results. 

This might result in a bit more expensive as compared to the individual app development process . However, if one looks at it, this expenditure is an investment only. 

Besides, you will save a reasonable sum of money when you prefer cross-platform mobile app development instead of an individual collection of apps for different platforms. 

Still, our experience suggests you must give android mobile app development priority if your budget is stringent. 

You can do this research precisely by taking surveys, demographic segmentation to analyse your target geography and the majority of the user preference specifically. 

Children and teens are on iOS, working-class individuals and college students are on android and windows (PC), business professionals and VIPs are on iPhone, and the older individuals are on android again. 


We wish that your venture reaches the top for which you have put so much effort into the research. And for that, we have included the very best of the best names for you. It would be best if you shared this with those who need this advice.

Upon finding, you will come across a million words on the internet promising an effective app development , but always be aware of the sharks in the ocean. 

So to speak, if you feel you have something to share or have any questions in mind, do not hesitate to share with us your comments below.

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